What makes Kingpin Pomade differant?

What makes Kingpin Pomade differant?

Chances are you have tried dozens of different hair products with varying results. Some work well but leave your hair shiny, don't wash out or may even stain your pillow case. While others may hold well, they dry stiff and leave a flakey residue. Before we get into to the nitty gritty of what makes Kingpin's Matte Clay and Satin Cream so different from other pomades, first let's discuss the 2 major types of pomades.

First let's discuss lipid, or oil based pomades. These products were first derived from animal fats, then later lanolin, which is an oily substance secreted from sheep skin and harvested by pressing their shorn wool. Today oil type pomades are typically petroleum based. While these options have a flexible hold, they can often leave the hair shiny and are notoriously difficult to shampoo out and can even stain your pillow. 

The second category of pomades I would like to cover are water based pomades. Water based pomades are know for all day hold due to their utilization of fixatives, which are sticky chemical compounds which typically dry stiff and hard, and often produce dandruff like flakes. The upside to these products are how they wash out so easily.

By this point you may be asking yourself, which category do Kingpin pomades fall into? Well, the answer is both! They are created through a process called emulsification. Emulsification is the practice of binding water to lipids using the scientific method called the HLB or, Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance, System. This gives us the ability to combine flexible hold through of lipids such as beeswax and carnauba wax, and the conditioning properties of castor oil while still washing out with ease! Once the emulsification process is complete, we are then able to create a neutral or even matte finish by adding volcanic ash and diatomaceous earth.

There you have it folks, thanks to modern science, a little ingenuity and Kingpin, now you can have your cake and eat too!

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