Hand stamped vintage shirt

Hand stamped shirts

Hand stamped vintage shirt


As you already know, Kingpin is huge on vintage style. From old cars, motorcycles, houses or even toasters, it goes without saying, we love vintage clothing. Thats why we are coming out with our own vintage clothing line. Some will actually be old, and some made to look retro, but all will have the authenticity of Kingpin. Heres what we've been working on. 

Textile stamping is an old fashioned technique of printing on clothing, so naturally, we love it! We are having hand rendering drawings converted into large rubber stamps. We first blend our pigments to the perfect shade we are looking for, then transfer the custom blended ink onto the rubber stamp using a roller. Once the stamp has been prepped, it is then ready to stamp the fabric. Each item that is hand printed in this fashion, has its own unique characteristics, and it is with this technique that we are able to create the perfect patina. 

Since we are just getting started in this venture, we have limited items that are only available in our brick and mortar store here in Nashville. If you get a chance, come check out our slub cotton shirts and vintage Vietnam era fatigue button downs.

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